A Shifting in the Spirit!

We are all on the same ground level at the foot of the cross.  It can be a bit uncomfortable to reflect on our past or present lives.  We are not our past or future, which is hid in Christ.  If we fall down know that Christ took our place on the cross and by the resurrection power, we get up!  Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

This past weekend while preaching at a conference in Jamaica New York, by the Holy Spirit I poured into other women and them into me the Word of truth. By revealing self, my awesome God revealed by the Holy Spirit did pour into me a renew strength that I did not know was possible. God has the plan in heaven and earth. Being called out before the foundation of the world is priceless to me. Our calling is evident of giftedness, uniqueness and humility. Being transformed God is in control to shift us in the Spirit.

As a metaphor, like a tsunami God will move around things, people and places. There is a shift taking place not only in us but people all over the world. It is not based on us but the will of God who called us with powerful voices to speak out and keep from copying the behaviors of the evil world. This lent season reminds us to soul fast and pray.  As worship to God our lives and service of vocations will take us to new heights and spiritual places! What a revelation! Eph. 1:9-11; Romans 12:1-10; Habakkuk 3:19

My prayer: That a shift in the spirit takes place in the church and in the world back to focusing on Christ who poured into our lives. Oh God as the tears rise up within us may we weep tears of joy. In Psalm our tears are gathered in a bottle. It reminds us of your great faithfulness toward us to tend to our every need pouring into our lives divine inspirations. Let the waters pour showers of blessings on us all.

About I am a powerfulvoice!

Powerful Voice advocates for Women in Ministry. Women are effective leaders who practice healing for the mind, body and spirit in the congregation. We encourage seasoned clergy mentors who understands the uphill journey will pave the way for other women coming alongside in ministry. Powerful voice speaks to address cutting edge, ethical and social injustices pertaining to clergywomen. A powerful voice will promote awareness for a healthy congregation. Powerful Voice encourages all women to know her worth by finding her authentic voice. Women who are authentic not a carbon copy. Women who love all women to fellowship and be a mentor or mentored. Women who will reach back to support another woman to share her story and prayer.
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